God's Words of Comfort

 Comfort Cards Red gold
Use Comfort Cards and keep God's Word with You


Each set of cards consists of 16 credit card-sized cards, printed with Bible verses front and back, neatly contained in a double-sided vinyl holder.

The price includes all postage and handling charges for U.S. addresses.

For international or large quantity orders, please contact us at gwocjss@yahoo.com.

Virginia residents, please add appropriate state sales tax.

Comfort Card Set Price per Set Click to Add to Cart
Sample Set $5.00 USD
Comfort Cards for Kids $5.00 USD
Daily Inspiration $5.00 USD
In Harm's Way
(Active Duty Military)
$5.00 USD
Eternal God, Our Rock & Redeemer (Terminally Ill) $5.00 USD
Why We Need A Savior $5.00 USD
Accomplishment $5.00 USD
Addictions $5.00 USD
Adultery $5.00 USD
Affluence $5.00 USD
Anger $5.00 USD
Anxiety $5.00 USD
Assurance $5.00 USD
Bitterness $5.00 USD
Character $5.00 USD
Comfort $5.00 USD
Disaster $5.00 USD
Discipline $5.00 USD
Discourage $5.00 USD
Divorce $5.00 USD
Doubt $5.00 USD
Enemies $5.00 USD
Faith $5.00 USD
Family $5.00 USD
Fear $5.00 USD
Forgiveness $5.00 USD
Greed $5.00 USD
Grief $5.00 USD
Guilt $5.00 USD
Hatred $5.00 USD
Healing $5.00 USD
Joy $5.00 USD
Loneliness $5.00 USD
Love $5.00 USD
Obedience $5.00 USD
Patience $5.00 USD
Peace $5.00 USD
Prayer $5.00 USD
Pride $5.00 USD
Salvation $5.00 USD
Sin $5.00 USD
Temptation $5.00 USD
Testing $5.00 USD
Truth $5.00 USD
Wisdom $5.00 USD
Worship $5.00 USD